Ask the regents to divest
After a 3 year campaign, the academic senates at multiple University of California campuses (UCSD, UCLA, UCSF, Berkeley, UCSC, UCSB, ... ) passed this memorial to the regents to divest:

"The U.C. Academic Senate petitions the Regents to divest the University’s endowment portfolio of all investments in the 200 publicly traded fossil fuel companies with the largest carbon reserves."

Now there's a UC-wide vote for Fossil Fuel Divestment in June 2019.
Why Fossil Fuel Divestment?
Good for the planet.   Good for our endowment security.   Good for our students.

planet earth

Solve the Climate Crisis

Scientists say that emission reductions must begin promptly or climate will be pushed to catastrophic changes beyond human control. UC is where climate science got started, and we are leaders in sustainability. It’s time for us to put our dollars where they’ll support climate solutions - not carbon pollution and climate impacts.

piggy bank

Secure our Endowment

Coal, oil and gas stocks have been plummeting, losing the UC funds millions. And credible market analysts say that transitioning to clean energy and leaving the majority of known fossil fuels in the ground means they’re going to lose even more value soon. We simply can’t afford the risk to our endowment.

Support our Students

UC students understand climate change is a major threat to their future – impacting their environment, economy, health and global security. The Student Governments of all 10 campuses have voted in support of divestment, and want us to do the same. We agree.
UC faculty and students supporting divestment in their own words

Eric Halgren
UCSD Neurosciences

Prof Eric Halgren "UC San Diego is a national leader in clean energy and sustainability and home to one of the oldest and most respected centers of climate change research. Investing now in renewables and other climate solutions, and divesting from fossil fuels will further our leadership, hasten implementation of climate solutions, and is the best way to keep our retirement funds growing."

Erin McMullen and Mukta Kelkar
UCSD Student Sustainability Collective

Erin McMullen and Mukta Kelkar "We believe in socially responsible investing of our tuition dollars by the UC Regents. Since students give them thousands of dollars a year, our tuition needs to go towards creating a better future for ourselves and future generations, meaning that investments need to reflect our values as students who seek the creation of a more socially just and equitable world."

Tom Newman
UCSF Professor Emeritus

Prof Milton Saier "As a UCSF professor emeritus who has degrees from UCSC, UCSD and UCB, I have great affection for the University of California. I would like to become even more proud of UC by seeing us join the many other universities, cities, medical associations and other entities that have divested from fossil fuel companies. It is the right thing to do, both morally and financially"

Clair Brown
Professor Economics Berkeley

Kim Stanley Robinson "Investing in fossil fuel companies makes no sense--from a social, or financial, or educational perspective. Under the carbon budget of the Paris Agreement, ~ 33% of known oil reserves, 50% of natural gas reserves, and 80% of coal reserves must remain in the ground and not be burned. This creates "stranded assets" that will decrease the market value of oil, gas, and coal companies as eventually the stock markets realistically values known reserves… Further, the social cost of carbon is already high and will continue to rise rapidly along with the GHG emissions. UC is about the environment and the quality of life we pass on to our students and future generations, and the UN reports clearly indicate that we can and must stop burning fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are no longer responsible or ethical investments. "
The time to act is now.   Join us!
For our planet.  For our endowment.  For our Students.